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A Webtelligence website is much more than a bunch of text and images - it's a fully customizable web framework. Depending on your needs, we can include:

Content Management

Webtelligence's content management system allows you to easily control your own website. Need to add a new special? A new product? A whole new page? It can be done in a matter of minutes, and fit straight in with the look of the rest of your site.

Mailing Lists

Everyone hates spam. But there's still a place for useful marketing distributed via email. Whether a monthly newsletter, or a quick notification of your latest sales, our Mailing List software can get information to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Customer Relationships

Our Customer Relationship Management system allows you to keep track of all your client relations. Our system can keep track of when you last met with a client, send reminders for follow-ups, and generate filtered lists for targetted mailouts.


A Forum can help transform your site from a webpage to a community. Give your customers a place to come and talk to each other - and keep them coming back to your site.


Although not definitive, small online polls are useful for getting an overview of what your customers think of your products and services; always useful for marketing and giving your new offerings a bit of a test-drive.

All of these are managed through our easy-to-use Webtelligence administration system. Being web-based, you or your staff can access it from any computer with a web connection.
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